Instruction Manuals - Kids Birth Charts

Instruction Manuals - Kids Birth Charts

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Birth Charts: A Tool to Guide & Nurture Each Amazing Child You Have 

Tired of reading generic parenting books or relying on your parents and social media to tell you how to raise your child? Unlock your child's unique life path with a personalized birth chart from our expert astrologer and life path guide. Each chart will include:

  • A Certificate of Humanity
  • Human Design Information
  • Numerology Chart i.e. Life Path Number 
  • Detailed Astrological Chart with Sun, Moon & Rising Info

The wisdom a birth chart provides empowers you to nature your child's individuality and provide the support they need to thrive in this lifetime! With this info you can create a nurturing environment that fosters your child's unique gifts, talents and abilities, while also establishing healthy boundaries. Imagine having a personalized instruction manual specifically tailored to your child, filled with in-depth understanding of their temperament, strengths & weaknesses. This will help you better comprehend your child's communication style, emotional processing, and learning methods.

A birth chart offers a celestial roadmap to your child's inner world. By understanding the planetary alignments at the moment of birth you can gain powerful astrological insight into where your child may shine and any potential challenges they might face. These insights are not predetermined destinies; rather, they are based on scientific and objective interpretations of the celestial movements.