Faceted Gray Quartz Hair Bobbles
Faceted Gray Quartz Hair Bobbles
Faceted Gray Quartz Hair Bobbles
Faceted Gray Quartz Hair Bobbles

Faceted Gray Quartz Hair Bobbles

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Our 16mm Faceted Gray Quartz Crystal Hair Bobbles with Copper conductor ties are handmade, natural and genuine crystals.

Copper is a natural mineral that is a high conductor of energy! Copper boosts the positive energy flow from the natural crystal which helps it infuse & enhance your natural aura.

Unlike cheap imitations, these Authentic Natural Crystal Hair Bobbles are perfect for adults and children alike. Wear these stylish bobbles daily around your ponytail to deepen your spiritual protection practice--their crystal energy will help to charge your crown chakra and aura.


Choose from crystals such as Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Sunstone and much more. All Hair Bobbles are cleared & charged by the moon and ready to wear!


  • All-natural crystals should be handled with care. They can be cracked and broken.

  • Crystal Hair Bobbles should not be pulled or overstretched as they can become loose and snap.  Take time to tie the hairball with care in hair.
  • Crystal Hair Bobbles should not be worn when you are swimming, showering or washing dishes.
  • Your Crystal Hair Bobbles come in a special jewelry keepsake box where the insert can be removed and it can be used as a hair box to store the Crystal Hair Bobbles safely and securely between uses.

  • For care, energy cleaning, charging and programming, visit our Crystal Mission Log HERE!


  • Please allow up to 7 to 14 business days for all orders to be fully processed and shipped as items are personally energy infused with the included crystal upon purchase for each individual customer.
  • Once order is shipped it takes 2 to 7 business days to get to you unless you expedite your order!
  • You will receive tracking information as soon as your order ships.