Amazonite Raw Chip Stretch Crystal Bracelet
Amazonite Raw Chip Stretch Crystal Bracelet
Amazonite Raw Chip Stretch Crystal Bracelet

Amazonite Raw Chip Stretch Crystal Bracelet

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Amazonite Raw Crystal Stretch Bracelet

Each Crystal Bracelet from Crystal & Tees is authentic, cleared & charged and comes with a special high vibe protective jewelry keep sake box.

Amazonite Crystals activate the Heart & Throat Chakras and corresponds with the astrological sign of Virgo. It can help reduce stress and anxiety all while improving communication.

This crystal beauty is a gem of success & abundance because it attracts good luck & focus.  Amazonite can block geopathic stress & electromagnetic pollution from cell phones & other electronic devices.



  • All-natural crystals should be handled with care. They can be cracked and broken.

  • Crystal bracelets should not be pulled or overstretched as they can become loose and snap.  Take time to slip the bracelet off of your wrists with care.
  • Crystal bracelets should not be worn when you are swimming, showering or washing dishes.
  • The bracelet cord will naturally stretch out over time and can be re-strung.

  • Your crystal bracelet comes in a special jewelry keepsake box where it can be stored safely and securely between uses.

  • A crystal card is included to give you information on what crystal bracelet you have and that was used to charge your tee.

  • For care, energy cleaning, charging and programming, visit our Crystal Mission Log HERE!


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