I just placed an order, when will it ship?
All orders are CUSTOM MADE and go through a 3 Step process when placed.
Step 1 (1 - 7 days) Your tee will be made and the crystal bracelet charged specifically for you!
(to learn more about the charging process, please read our blog about crystals here.)
Step 2 (1 - 7 days). Your Tee will get cleared (with Sage & Selenite Crystal) and individually infused (charged) with the crystal power from your charged bracelet and placed in a jewelry keepsake box for safe storage.
Step 3: Launch! We will notify you via a shipping confirmation email when your Crystal & Tee has been shipped. 

I have entered an incorrect address what do I do now?
If you have misspelled or auto filled in an incorrect address:
Step 1.  Check your email confirmation to double check that the address given is incorrect.
Step 2.  Reply to your order confirmation email and kindly notify us via your order confirmation or email us at orders@crystalandtees.com with your order confirmation number and the updated address.
(Please Note: If the wrong address is given we can change it within 72 hours. No refund will be given after the 72 hours of incorrect information.)

I would like to cancel my order, what do I do now?
If you would like to cancel your order you have 24 hours to cancel via your order confirmation or email us at cancellations@crystalandtees.com for a full refund, since the charging process is custom and individualized.  If you cancel after the 24 hours no refund will be given and you will have the option to receive your order or for it to be donated.

My question was not answered here, how do I find out more information?
Simply complete the contact us form here or send us an email at contactus@crystalandtees.com for more information.

~Vibrate Higher~