About The Owner

Begin Your Spiritual Healing Path of Self-Love & Inner Transformation with Crystal & Tees
Magical Blessings & High Vibes from Amber! While starting her own personal spiritual journey of healing on the path of self love she was inspired to manifest & create Crystal & Tees. Specifically, she was gifted with Rose Quartz hair bobbles from her inner child after they did each other's hair during her very own healing meditation for self love. To honor this beautiful & sacred healing of self acceptance, Amber manifested & created the first real crystal hair bobble. This spiritual path of self love transformed into Crystal & Tees, creating a space and offering spiritual tools, guidance & divine wisdom with love & light energy to help start or enhance others on their own healing journeys.

Amber, much like the crystal, promotes spiritual growth, development and the healing of emotional trauma. She is a light energy channeling Starseed astrologer, who is a spiritual advisor & guide that uses her gifts of claircognizance & clairsentiance. She believes we are multidimensional beings of light and consciousness having a human experience in a 3 dimensional world, here to grow, learn and evolve and to remember that we are all connected because we are all one.
Amber shares her gifts & story about how she's healed with you to help inspire, guide and equip you with the wisdom & tools you need for your own healing as well. She is passionate about helping others heal and grow, and she believes that her crystal hair bobbles and light energy infused esoteric t-shirts can be a powerful tools in that process.
Amber, a powerful advocate for women, has inspired countless others since her teenage years. In Kartemquin Films' WTTW PBS Documentary "5 Girls", it chronicled her resilience and triumphs over adversity in Chicago's inner city.  She has also shared her story and message of empowerment on panels alongside Soledad O'Brien at the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston's 50th Anniversary Symposium.
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