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Spiritual Carpet Deodorizers Infused with Crystal Powder

Clean your home physically & spiritually with our line of Spiritual Carpet Deodorizers infused with real authentic crystal powder! These are not your ordinary deodorizers, they are vegan, have all natural ingredients & are energy infused and powdered by crystals. Choose your Scent by the essential note blends, the crushed herbs/flowers or by the crystal powder infused in each. Bring mindfulness into your cleaning rituals and raise the vibration of your space by giving it an extra blessing!

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Mission (b)Log 0002 ~Crystals~

💫Mission Log : Crystals💫   Crystals are gemstones made from the earth that carry various healing vibrations and energy. Crystals are used to power many everyday items such as TV screens, smartphones and computers but they can also be used to power your intentions or prayer requests.   Crystals can be used to power/charge(bless) water, apparel (Crystal ∞ Tees), and living spaces/rooms. You can intend good vibes, love, health etc and the crystal will power those intentions. Crystals can magnify your personal energy and prayers then it can connect those thoughts with universal energy.   Crystals can be your best friends and they are always ready to help! You can talk to them and treat them similar to plants. The...

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