Mission (b)Log 0003 ~Humanity Crew~

💫Mission Log : Humanity Crew💫


Although we all live in our own separate bubbles of reality here on planet Earth, the one thing that unites us all is that we are humans. We represent Humanity in all of its facets as expressions of the source/creator (God). Humanity is the one thing that unites all people no matter race, creed or color. Humanity reminds us that we are all more alike than we are different.

On a molecular and biological level we all have the same building blocks of life and there is much more that unites us than that which divides us. We are the representatives of Earth for the entire galaxy! To celebrate this Divine Unity and our place in the galactic confederation, we call ourselves the Humanity Crew and we come in LOVE!


In the Humanity Crew we bring universal teachings and guidance to all of humanity to help us vibrate higher! Since we are learning all about the universe, we will have to transverse the many galaxies and dimensions in our spaceship “Mothership Earth”. Mothership Earth (M.E.) will have monthly launches where we will learn about many different universal concepts, how we can ascend as well as help the planet ascend and some other Beings of Light that are assisting us in this process.


Mothership Earth will launch monthly on our Youtube, Zoom and our other social media channels to provide light transmissions of how to raise your vibration and move us and the planet closer to the future! We will learn this through various teachings about universal laws, what they are and how to use them. We will learn how to heal ourselves from various trauma that is keeping us stuck in ancestral patterns and learn to truly love ourselves. Lastly, we will learn who we really are and take our rightful place in this universe!!


To introduce you to our beautiful Mothership Earth here is a brief tour of each of it’s 9 decks.  We will visit each deck more in depth and find out what happens there in the upcoming transmissions and mission logs.


The 1st deck is The Cell and it is the foundation of the ship and where it all began.



Once the cell becomes aware of itself, it creates thought and it asks the question “AM I?” which takes us to the 2nd deck which is the Spark. 


When the cell realizes it has thought, it can now create from that thought and that brings us to the 3rd deck. The 3rd deck is the Physical World and is where we board for launch which is planet Earth.


The next deck brings us to the 4th deck or the Spirit Realm. This deck holds the process of how the universe works. It represents the 4 pillars of reality, which are Expression, Experimentation, Integration and Transcendence.



















After our monthly launch, all crew members will be debriefed on the main briefing deck of the 5th Deck Unity. In Unity we all come together in our Merkabas to hear, discuss and integrate the monthly transmissions and see the big picture thinking through the clarity of the whole process.


The 6th deck is the Main Bridge where we can see the endless opportunities available and the pathways or bridges to get there to transform our realities.




















The  7th deck is called Enlightenment and it holds the 7 laws of the universe within your 7 chakras. It is where you can feel and understand everything that happened, that is going to happen, and that is happening now and you are at peace. It is heaven.

















The 8th deck is our Akashic Library.  It is beautiful, expensive and holds all of the records of our souls in one spot from every perspective of the universe. It holds every written and yet to be written book and shares all of this info all the time for us to download.



















And the Last and Top floor of Mothership Earth is 9th deck or The Void. This floor is everything and nothing at the same time. This deck is the only truth and is where you can create everything again in another perspective in a new dimension and in a new universe.



















To join the Humanity Crew you just have to be a human who is ready to transform their lives and purchase a monthly Mission Control Box to become an official member. Official Crew members will receive a monthly box with materials related to that month’s transmission from the Mission Control Center. The box will include essential life support items such as:

  • A special edition Crystal & Tee affirmation shirt and crystal to activate the monthly transmission.
  • Smudging materials, candles, crystals and other spiritual tools.
  • Special gifts and access to live Zoom transmission.  
  • During Zoom transmissions members will have access to live chat for question & answer sessions.
  • Crew members will be able to get answers from special divination tools such as pendulums, oracle cards and special guests that have various talents and gifts to bring forth wisdom.
  • Crew members will receive a monthly Mission Log Newsletter via electronic email that will cover the upcoming launches & missions. 
  • The monthly Mission Logs will cover everything from astrology to numerology, from energy to crystal healing, and from Star Seeds to the origins and laws of our infinite universe.

The Crew will commence boarding on the lower 3rd deck via the Earth Portal! Don’t worry if you don’t make it aboard for our initial launch. You can watch the transmission at a later star-date via our Youtube channel.

We will be visiting all of these decks and learning more about them soon. To join the Humanity Crew and be updated on launch time, special zooms and to get mission control swag make sure to purchase our monthly Mission Control Box.