Mission (b)Log 0002 ~Crystals~

💫Mission Log : Crystals💫


Crystals are gemstones made from the earth that carry various healing vibrations and energy. Crystals are used to power many everyday items such as TV screens, smartphones and computers but they can also be used to power your intentions or prayer requests.


Crystals can be used to power/charge(bless) water, apparel (Crystal ∞ Tees), and living spaces/rooms. You can intend good vibes, love, health etc and the crystal will power those intentions. Crystals can magnify your personal energy and prayers then it can connect those thoughts with universal energy.


Crystals can be your best friends and they are always ready to help! You can talk to them and treat them similar to plants. The more you connect with them the higher they vibrate and the more they want to work for you.


To connect with your crystal you can tune in energetically to the crystal or just focus on it. Look at your crystal while it is in your hand, and try to feel the vibrations coming off of it. You can also hold it to your heart and try to feel the energy it is emitting.  This may not work right away, but with practice and a clear intention to feel the energy, you will improve and it will come easier! Once you can feel the energy from the crystal, you are connected.


When crystals have been working hard for you and emitting positive frequencies to help manifest your prayers, they need to be cleaned and recharged just like any battery! Here are some ways you can clean and charge your crystals.

You can clear and charge your crystals with other crystals such as selenite, crystal quartz clusters or amethyst geodes because they are cleaning stones and are always working to clear energy. Simply wave or point selenite over your crystals with your right hand or place your crystals on or around your clusters and geodes with the intention to clear them of any lower vibrational energies they may be carrying and to recharge them! You can leave the crystals sitting on/near the cleaning crystals overnight.


You can clear and charge crystals using the natural elements such as the Sun, Water or Moon. Before clearing and charging your crystal in sunlight do a search to make sure your crystal can be in direct sunlight! You can lay your crystals out under the sun for a bath on your lawn, window seal or next to you while you get some vitamin D from the sun to solar power them. You can leave your crystals out in the sun for 1 - 3 hours or longer at your discretion to charge them with masculine energy.









You can also bathe your crystals in sea salt water for a couple of hours up to a day. Sea salt was used in ancient times to absorb unwanted energy and banish it. If your crystal ends in the suffix "-ite" don't put it under water as those crystals might not like water, so do a search on your crystal to make sure it is water friendly.


You can also place your crystals under warm running water for a few seconds to one minute. Water can neutralize any low vibrational energies in the crystals and return it back to the Earth. When you are running the water over your crystals, say that you are cleaning and clearing the crystals of any low vibrational energies that it may have picked up and that you are returning them back to their natural vibration.  Once you pat them dry, hold them to your heart and welcome them and thank them for wanting to help you.

                                 If your crystal friends don't like to sunbathe or get wet in water, you can put them under the full moon overnight! All crystals can bathe in the moonlight and this helps attune your crystal with the feminine moon energy! Just make sure you don't have small animals or wildlife that can interfere with your crystals while they are charging on the ground.  You can lay your crystals on a window seal, balcony or in an outside potted plant, etc. just make sure the moonlight can shine on them and they are on something natural like wood.

You can also combine methods. You can put your crystals out on the earth or grass under the full moon and let them charge until 9am the next morning before collecting them so that they can have some sunlight as well. If not, you can collect your crystals before the sun rises for a moon charge. Or you can wash them under running water and then set them under the moonlight. You can even smudge them and then set them under the sun. Do what you feel is right as the crystal can communicate with you what it needs if you connect with it and ask.


For an added boost, you can charge your crystals in the shape of various grids under the moonlight.

                                       Crystal Grid


One last option that you could use to clear and charge your crystals is by smudging with sage, palo santo or by using sound frequencies/vibrations. Sage and palo santo are both smudging tools or things you can burn to remove lower vibrations from your crystal and restore it to its natural energy. Sage is a sacred plant and palo santo is a sacred wood that were burned in ancient times for their healing and clearing properties.









  1. Make sure that when you burn your sage or palo santo to be near an open window to allow the negative energies to flow out of the space.
  2. While holding your crystal in your hand wave the smudging tool around the crystal until the smoke covers the crystal (You can also place the crystals on a table or floor while the smoke envelopes them)
  3. Allow the smoke from your smudging tools to waft over and cover your crystals.
  4. Say your intention is to clean and clear the crystal of all low vibrational energies and you return the crystal to its natural vibration.
  5. After you have smudged for 1-3 minutes, welcome the crystal by thanking it for finding its way to you and wanting to help you!


Sound can clear and charge crystals by washing over them and allowing them to vibrate higher and clearing old vibrations. These vibrations can bring the crystals into the same resonance. You can use singing bowls, Schumann sound frequencies or a tuning fork to give your crystals a nice sound bath for 10 - 45 minutes.  









Crystals don’t only work like batteries but they are also recorders and can hold information. In ancient times crystals were used to record the history of the Earth and they contain various information that you can access when you connect with them. When you speak your intentions or prayers to your crystal they hold/record that information to store and amplify it.


Crystals have many practical everyday uses once they are charged, cleared & ready to work for you. They all carry different vibrations and each type specializes in certain issues. For instance, if your intention or prayer is for prosperity you would want that amplified by an abundance crystal such as Pyrite or Citrine. On the other hand, if your intention is for love, you would want that amplified by a love crystal such as Rose Quartz or Peruvian Rhodonite. If your intention is for better health, you would want to use a healing crystal such as Clear Quartz or Amethyst.



Crystals have been known and used by many people to help alleviate specific physical symptoms. Some people even place crystals directly on their body to help with physical pains such as sore throats (Blue Lace Agate), headaches (Lapis Lazuli) or back pain (Black Tourmaline).


Crystals can also be used to help to heighten your spiritual connections and meditation practices. Some crystals can be used to enhance lucid dreaming states, astral projection and channeling capabilities while meditating with them. For example, you can hold a piece of Celestite crystal while meditating to help you connect with Angels for guidance and wisdom.



Crystals can be worn as a fashion piece jewelry pieces on you everyday.  You can wear crystals as bracelets, necklaces and in rings.  You can carry them in your purse or pocket if you have loose or tumbled crystals.  Make sure you rotate daily between your left & right pockets if you have your crystals in there to help balance the energy in your body.


Another practical use for crystals is that you can put them in your water and state your intentions to bless your water before you drink it. This method is best used with tumbled crystals that are water friendly.


How to make Blessed water with your crystal:

  1. Make sure the crystals that you are using are ok with being in water!
  2. Place your clean, clear and charged crystals that align with your purpose in a cup, water bottle, jug etc.
  3. Fill your cup and cover the crystals with the water of your choice.
  4. Hold the cup in your hands and speak into your water what you intend the water to do for you as you drink it.  You can speak good health, abundance and protection over your water.
  5. For an added super boost, you can write affirmations like love, prosperity or wisdom on your bottle or cup!
  6. Then drink your blessed and charged water all day!


Try the 30 Day Crystal Challenge:

  1. Intend for your crystal to help you with a specific goal or prayer for 30 days.
  2. Write this intention down while holding your crystal.
  3. Look in the mirror and say this intention as an affirmation everyday for one month while wearing your crystal.
  4. Take one action step toward your goal no matter how small you think it is.
  5. After the 30 days look back at your written prayer to see if your intention manifested.


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