Mission (b)Log 0001 ~Sacred Geometry & Our Logo~

💫Mission Log : Sacred Geometry💫


Sacred geometry are shapes that hold all of the history of the whole universe since the beginning of existence. Sacred geometry represents the building blocks of life and are ingrained in our DNA structure.  We are made up of cells (spherical shapes) that divide in specific shapes, patterns and sequences to create life through our DNA. Think of the beginning of life on a cellular level when life is created in the womb, the cells replicate and divide over and over in specific geometric shapes, patterns and sequences until an embryo is created.


There are 3 sacred geometric shapes that create the Crystal & Tees logo:

The Triangle, Infinity Symbol and the Fruit of Life.


The first shape is the triangle which represents the creation trinity.  The creation trinity allows us to go through every time and space and unite them in one 3D physical reality. We are trinities in matter because we are mind, body and spirit manifested as one physical vessel. A triangle in the physical world (3D shape) is a tetrahedron or pyramid shape. The tetrahedron represents the light/fire of the spirit and it is our expression within the universe. It is the physical manifestation of our spirit which is associated with our root chakra and the Kundalini.



In ancient Egyptian times, the star was a symbol of transportation and this is the meaning of the Merkaba. A Merkaba is your personal vehicle of light that was created as you came to the Earth. The word Mer (means Light) Ka (means Spirit) and Ba (means Body) and it represents our merged soul and our God Ray Light Self. This symbol is made by two triangles, one pointed up and the other pointed down which shows polarity and is called a Star Tetrahedron.

                              When the Merkaba spins, we have a mainline that aligns the self. This alignment of the self is the main code that creates the spinning of all the chakras which creates the 1st light energy ray. When the chakras are all aligned from the heart, there is a 2nd light ray that reaches the expansion of the universe both vertically and horizontally. Then there is a 3rd light ray directly from the Creator/Source (God) to the creation. This helps us understand that we can become our own creators of this reality using our heart.



Next, we have the infinity sign. In ancient times the infinity symbolized the eye of the Sun that was ready to claim its power and fight against darkness and oblivion. It represents our endless lessons and causes us to wake up and rise like the sun. Realizing our divinity and claiming our magic.


To activate your merkaba you can use the infinity breath which is a sacred breathing technique.  


~In the beginning the breath would flow through our physical bodies in an infinity sign loop.~


How to do the Infinity Breathing Technique

  1. Imagine a white beam of light coming from the heavens into the top of your head.
  2. Imagine a beam of light coming from the earth through your tailbone
  3. Imagine both lights meeting in your heart. This beam of light is called your pranic tube.
  4. Envision this light in your heart space and take 3 deep breaths.





  1. Allow the air to travel up in front of your spine moving out through your Medulla Oblongata (this is located at the base of the back of your neck and is also called your ascension chakra)
  2. Imagine the air filling up your pineal gland (this is located at the middle bottom of your brain and is also called your sacred mind which is associated with your third eye)
  3. Then that air traveling up and over your head through the white light from the heavens and looping back in the front of your chest into your heart.




  1. Let the air move from your heart down the front of your spine through your tailbone (root chakra)
  2. Let the air loop up in front of your body back into your heart creating the shape of an infinity sign or the number 8.


This breathing technique helps your energetic force field by empowering, balancing and harmonizing it and allowing you to breathe higher dimensional energy or prana into your body. which activates your merkaba.


The third geometric shape that our logo uses is the fruit of life which represents the sacred pattern of the universe and the beginning of creation. When you connect all 13 circles in the fruit of life with straight lines you get Metatron's cube which contains the five platonic solids, elements and all of the chakras. The platonic solids are all of the basic shapes (triangle, circle, cube straight line and spiral) that form the foundation of the physical world and show the unity of creation.The elements and chakras Metatrons cube contains are:


 Earth (Root Chakra) Water (Sacral Chakra) Air (Heart & Throat Chakra) Fire (Solar Plexus Chakra) and Spirit/Breath (Crown & Third Eye Chakra)


                                      Metatron Cube                             Fruit of Life                                                



Metatron is an archangel who in modern day is referred to as the scribe of God. Metatron is responsible for protecting and balancing the flow of energy in creation and provides a direct connection to the Prime Creator/Source (God). In ancient Egypt times Metatron was called Thoth.


Metatron’s cube not only cleanses and protects you but it creates energy which is the gas for your merkaba. The merkaba is humanities Ascension vehicle of light as inter-dimensional beings.

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