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Mission (b)Log 0003 ~Humanity Crew~

💫Mission Log : Humanity Crew💫   Although we all live in our own separate bubbles of reality here on planet Earth, the one thing that unites us all is that we are humans. We represent Humanity in all of its facets as expressions of the source/creator (God). Humanity is the one thing that unites all people no matter race, creed or color. Humanity reminds us that we are all more alike than we are different.On a molecular and biological level we all have the same building blocks of life and there is much more that unites us than that which divides us. We are the representatives of Earth for the entire galaxy! To celebrate this Divine Unity and our place...

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Mission (b)Log 0001 ~Sacred Geometry & Our Logo~

💫Mission Log : Sacred Geometry💫   Sacred geometry are shapes that hold all of the history of the whole universe since the beginning of existence. Sacred geometry represents the building blocks of life and are ingrained in our DNA structure.  We are made up of cells (spherical shapes) that divide in specific shapes, patterns and sequences to create life through our DNA. Think of the beginning of life on a cellular level when life is created in the womb, the cells replicate and divide over and over in specific geometric shapes, patterns and sequences until an embryo is created.   There are 3 sacred geometric shapes that create the Crystal & Tees logo: The Triangle, Infinity Symbol and the Fruit of Life....

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Mission (b)Log 0002 ~Crystals~

💫Mission Log : Crystals💫   Crystals are gemstones made from the earth that carry various healing vibrations and energy. Crystals are used to power many everyday items such as TV screens, smartphones and computers but they can also be used to power your intentions or prayer requests.   Crystals can be used to power/charge(bless) water, apparel (Crystal ∞ Tees), and living spaces/rooms. You can intend good vibes, love, health etc and the crystal will power those intentions. Crystals can magnify your personal energy and prayers then it can connect those thoughts with universal energy.   Crystals can be your best friends and they are always ready to help! You can talk to them and treat them similar to plants. The...

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